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We're excited to announce that we're now part of MERGE. This coming together will bring our clients and prospects increased depth and breadth in key technology and creative service areas. We can't wait to make ever-simpler and more rewarding customer experiences with our new partners.

Hip Daddy

The latest from former Converse exec Scott Nelson, Hip Daddy is a lifestyle site for (and celebration of) modern dads everywhere. It delivers highly curated style, travel, health, music and technology recommendations while also profiling dads who are innovating, influencing and inspiring in ways big and small. Our challenge was to design and build a site that simply and powerfully delivers on the editorial mission, pushes the state of the art in responsive design and is super-easy to manage.

A Big, Bold & Easy Read

We designed Hip Daddy to strongly emphasize photography and accommodate short and longer-form editorial. Each story is teased with large, clear words and pictures. We also subtly enhanced the logo and then played out some of the diagonal forms it features in key elements of the interface.

For our palette, we chose earthy, muted tones and added an expanded set of lighter colors. The intent was to be diverse and colorful without feeling childish or feminine. Finally, we chose Lato, an elegant and strong sans serif font for headlines and the modern, highly readable Fjalla for body copy.

A Super-Fluid Approach To Responsive Design

We really wanted Hip Daddy to look great on every single screen, no matter what the size. So we employed a dynamic, percentage-based approach to responsive design that would allow us to infinitely scale the basic grid and key visual elements. But this still didn’t give us the ability to scale every element on the page the way we wanted.

So we devised an approach that allows us to associate type, line height, padding and margins with a value called Em (the default font size that is set by the browser). This way, everything on the page (whether controlled by a percentage or Em) scales proportionally together.

Custom Crops

Photography for a site like this is of course critical. Not only are the sources important, so is the way the photos get input into the design. So we created a custom image formatting mechanism within the CMS to help site managers retain maximum control of cropping and placement without having to spend time in image editing software.

Built On WordPress

Even though the UI is very feature-rich, it’s all built on WordPress for easy updating and scalability.

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